These 11 questions will help you make a quick initial assessment of whether blockchain is the right solution for the problem you’re facing.


As a blockchain-focused company, we firmly believe in this unstoppable revolution in both technology and capital and strive to support the blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem for the long term.

Our team consists of early cryptocurrency adopter, senior trading consultant of financial trading market, veteran blockchain system architect and senior professor of Cryptography and Computer Science. Our investment strategy is navigated not only by financial indicators but also by our R&D department's assessment in Mathematics, Cryptography, and Blockchain Architecture.

Blockway Capital provides profound services to assist institutional investors, ICOs and large enterprise groups to adopt and adapt this technology in the simplest and easiest way. Our services are mainly based on:

Within the next several years, we envision blockchains and digital currencies having an established, responsibly managed, and regulated role in the global economy.



Diversified Services
  • Crypto investment solutions with a regular yield while reducing volatility after due diligence.
  • Recommendation and assistance for digital asset management, including investment structure design, qualitative and quantitative research reports, quantitative risk control and other comprehensive services.
  • Assist blockchain projects in understanding market conditions and conducting operation management, including regulatory and policy consultation, market information research, project risk assessment, operational advice.
  • A group of diversified professionals in blockchain fields with a variety of expertise and knowledge of development, analysis, community operation, authorization and trading in blockchain field.
  • Years of high-profit and cross-industry investment experience in many sectors, including Internet, IT, AI, Entertainment, Medical and Financial Technology.
  • Qualified with strong capabilities to wisely integrate broad business applications and blockchain technologies.
Quantitative Trading
  • Utilize advanced quantitative trading method to assist investment, especially beneficial for cryptocurrencies and tokens with fluctuating value.


  • Value carriers served for the various blockchain projects
  • Compliance
  • Tackle industry pain points effectively
  • Preference to projects with technical barriers and strong developer community operation capability for public blockchains
  • Preference to applied projects with strong implementation potential with reasonable design of ecosystem and economic model
  • Room for integration with industrial resources serves as a means of risk management as well
Digital Currency Exchange Platform
  • The Exchange Platform is an important entrance for investors to invest in digital currencies with good performance on cash flow.
  • Hedge policy risk worldwid.
  • Effective collaboration with portfolios.
Industrial Partners
  • Digital wallets, media, compliance, consulting, and investment banking.
Capital Operation
  • Restructuring of listed companies.

Quantitative Trading

Profits from buy-low and sell-high as the price fluctuations between currencies are large.
Grasp global digital asset trading opportunities with quantified trading platform.
fundamental analysis + market dynamics
quantitative assessment of external signals
Trading system
  • Automatic capture of trading signals and market information
  • Automatic parameters adjustment based on external signals
  • Real-time automated trading

Risk Warning

Risks of Blockchain Technology and Industry

Underlying technology takes time to be proven       Risk of practical application       System security

Risks of Digital Assets Investment

Price bubble       Market fluctuation       Change of global regulatory policy       Operational security       Risk of exchange       Other “Black Swan” events

Blockchain (DAG) Solution


Core Technology Team:

Experienced system architects of blockchain
Blockchain application architects
Enthusiastic developers of blockchain technology

Advisory Team:

Blockchain standard establishment experts
Senior professors of Cryptography and Computer Science
Blockchain chief architect
Senior trading consultants of financial market


Global Leading Public Blockchain Platform

  • New consensus solution based on DAG structure
  • Quantum-resistant signature
  • Smart contract engine
  • Cross-chain protocol

Alliance Blockchain System

Commit to providing clients with a complete set of industry-level solutions based on outstanding capabilities in blockchain product planning, R&D, testing, operation, and maintenance, in order to satisfy the specific needs of different industries.

Some Use Case Scenarios

Financial Services

The tamper-resistance and traceability of the blockchain technology can be utilized by regulatory authorities to build a monitoring toolbox that includes multiple measures to provide a precise, timely and more dimension-diversified supervision. Meanwhile, the blockchain technology can also enable the point-to-point value transfer. With digitalized assets and restructured financial infrastructure, post-trade clearing and settlement of financial assets can be processed significantly faster with lower cost; many problems of current payment methods can also be solved.

Education System Records

The blockchain technology can effectively streamline processes and improve the operation efficiency, while eliminate information opacity and tamper problems. Using blockchain, it is more convenient to track students’ deeds across all the locations and schools, thus students with better records can be rewarded, further promoting a virtuous credit ecosystem.

Supply Chain Finances

The blockchain technology makes data public and transparent to all trading parties to form a complete and continued information flow on the entire supply chain. With tamper-resistant data and proof of existence by timestamps, blockchain can be utilized to resolve disputes among participating entities within the supply chain, while providing reliable evidences for overall credit assessment for enterprises both upstream and downstream.


There are enormous capital potential and technology demand hidden in the Asian market. As an Asia-based blockchain investor, Blockway Capital enables investors profit from success of most innovative blockchain projects and also assists blockchain projects in market research and operation management. We combine the professional vision and investing wisdom to deliver profit and value through a series of investment products and services.